South Canadian Amateur Radio Society
A 501C-3 Non-Profit Amateur Radio Organization
147.060+ (PL 141.3)
147.060+ (PL 100.0)
443.700+ (PL 141.3)
144.390 (Digipeater)
Just because Field Day and Ham Holiday is behind us doesn't mean ham radio stops for the whole year.  Get active and on the air by joining one of the three nets that SCARS hosts on 2 Meters, 6 Meters, and 10 Meters weekly.  For more information, visit here.
Did you know that the SCARS uses a Cleveland County tower for the VHF and UHF antenna repeaters? 

"So what can I do if I want to talk to someone over the radio and I really would like to stay local but not use a repeater?"

Easy!  Just program your radio to simplex and talk on 147.060 and see how far you can talk to your fellow hams.  You can also do this on 443.770.  This is also a great time to test your ability to communicate in simplex mode during times of emergency if the repeater does fail.  And did you know that you can also talk on our OU friend's (Oklahoma Student Amateur Radio Club) repeater on 146.88 (- input; No tone)?  Give it a try!
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