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Welcome to SCARS

The South Canadian Amateur Radio Society is an ARRL Special Services Club that serves the Amateur Radio Operators in the Norman, Oklahoma area. The club has been operating since the late seventies, and works hard to help grow the amateur radio community in the region.

SCARS to Offer License Class

SCARS is offering a Technician and General amateur radio license class. This class will be held at Norman Firehouse #7. More detailed location information, and a map is available on the Meetings/Net page.

This class will help both non-hams, and current technicians, learn what's needed to prepare for their Technician, and General license tests. The class will be free, however the ARRL books used for this class will cost $22.50, and are available at the class.

This class will run on Tuesday evenings until April 5, 2016. We will take the week of Spring Break off, and conclude with a test session on Thursday, April 7, 2016. More information on amateur radio licensing is available on the SCARS licensing page.

Come join us to learn, or simply encourage these potential/new hams. For more information, feel free to contact N5HZR by email if you have any additional questions.

ARRL National Parks On The Air

Parks on the air

The ARRL National Parks on the Air (NPOTA) event runs in parallel with the National Park Service’s centennial. The program runs now, through 2359 UTC December 31, 2016. The goals of this program are to promote Amateur Radio, promote the National Park Services' Centennial and the heritage of the National Park System and finally, to encourage portable Amateur Radio operation from as many of the officially listed National Park Service units as possibly. The Oklahoma City National Memorial is part of this project. Want more information? View the ARRL's Powerpoint Presentation.

OKC Memorial Marathon

Detailed signup instructions are avalailable on the Aeronautical Center club's website at W5PAA.org

Each year the Oklahoma City Amateur Radio community provides communication assistance to the annual OKC Memorial Marathon. This year is no exception, and the Public Service Committee chair, Mike Rockey KE5EQC, is providing an opportunity for about 100 hams again this year. This years event is scheduled for April 24th, 2016, and typically the hams work the whole day, from about 06:00 am to 03:00 pm. These events are great ways to put your radio skills to good use, they're always great fun, and they provide great stories for future use.

VHF Audio is On-The-Web

Are you ever out of town and just want to tap into the local net back home but your 2 meter can't reach that far?  You can now take advantage of technology and the World Wide Web by listening to the SCARS and OU 2 meter repeaters online. Do what? Yes! It's real and it sounds great! Give it a try by clicking here.

Amazon Smile

Just because the holiday season is over doesn't mean your shopping comes to an end! You can still help SCARS raise money by shopping at Amazon. A percentage of the sales goes directly to SCARS general funds to help operate great events such as Field Day, radio nets, and keeps the SCARS repeater equipment operational. Click here to help SCARS out.

Try VHF Direct

Did you know that the SCARS uses a Cleveland County tower for the VHF and UHF antenna repeaters?

"So what can I do if I want to talk to someone over the radio and I really would like to stay local but not use a repeater?"

Easy! Just program your radio to simplex and talk on 147.060 MHz and see how far you can talk to your fellow hams. You can also do this on 443.700 MHz. This is also a great time to test your ability to communicate in simplex mode during times of emergency if the repeater does fail. And did you know that you can also talk on our OU friend's (Oklahoma Student Amateur Radio Club) repeater on 146.88 MHz (-600 kHz input; No tone) Give it a try!