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South Canadian Amateur Radio Society
147.060+(PL 100.0)
443.700+(PL 141.3)
144.390 (Digipeater)
A 501-C3 Amateur Radio Organization
**Countdown to Next SCARS Meeting**
on April 11, 2015 at 9:30 AM
Have you noticed problems trying to communicate HF lately?  Well, don't blame your radio or antenna just yet.  Blame the Sun!  The Sun unleashed it's power on the Earth the week celebrating St. Patrick's Day.  You can read more about how the sun affects communications here.
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Don't forget that as the new year comes around, annual club dues will be due to the Treasurer.  If you have any questions, contact a SCARS officer.
Do you have a ham radio shack or mobile set-up that you would like for others to see?  Want to help others on ideas for a set-up for their ham radio shack or mobile operations?  Send emails to wx5akk@gmail.com with a picture(s) and details of your set-up.
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